Fashion Video Production

Some things just look better in motion and in the highly competitive world of fashion, finding an edge over the competition is crucial. When it comes to clothes, hair, make-up and jewellery nothing compares to seeing moving images. So why not give your audience what they prefer? At That’s That, we have extensive experience of shooting fashion in an engaging and accessible way that gets your product noticed. What’s more, our state of the art studio in Dublin 6 is the perfect location for a fashion shoot, with professional mirrored hair and make-up areas, green screen facilities and a large space to create the environment you desire. We are also happy to shoot on location and have huge experience of shooting fashion videos, both in-house and on location.

Fashion shoot

Setting up for a fashion shoot!


Advantages of Fashion Video

    • Shows more detail than a photo
    • Generates virility
    • Shows the product in detail with compelling imagery                           
    • Cost effective
    • Measurable results                                                                                                      


We’re based in Dublin and our videographers are available to travel to your shoot. You can also arrange to conduct a live fashion shoot in-house at our amazing studio facilities in Harold’s Cross. So contact us today to arrange your fashion video.

Check out some of our recent Fashion Videos below!

More about our Fashion Videos

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